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Passion is Contagious! Watch Gordon Ramsay and Steve Irwin!

steve irwin being passionate and holding a reptile

I truly believe the juice in life comes from being passionate about what you do. It’s a synergy. Better work comes from being passionate about the work you do and passion about the work you do comes from your improved craftsmanship. The two go hand in hand! But if you’re just starting out in a field, I would encourage you to try and steal pasion from the masters in others fields. So, in the morning, why not watch Steve Irwin’s passionate crocodile fights or Gordon Ramsay’s passionate cooking lessons?

If passion is indeed contagious, it will rub off on you and fuel your day!

But who are these guys you say? Well, Gordon is probably the greatest chef in the world, a 15 Michelin Star one. If you don’t know him, make sure you study this guy.

Gordon Ramsay


This is the most high demanding, passionate chef around. You can see it in the way he talks about food, when he uses words such as sexy, steamy, delicious, raw pleasure to describe a piece of meat who anybody else would see just as… a piece of meat! You see it in the way he moves and in his body language when cooking. You see in the way he treats his cooking students when they screw up! (his swearing is awesome). But passion does that to you. But it doesn’t just show up. You’ve got to work at it. I’m sure that part of Gordon’s passion comes from the fact that he’s just so damn good at cooking. So being a master in your field surely increases your passion for that field. Everybody likes doing awesome stuff!

So if at first you’re not a pro in your field, get banging at it, and not only will you become better at it, but your love for your craft will grow. As the french say: Hunger comes whilst eating!

Check out Gordon Ramsay’s awesome passion in this cooking lessons video.

Remember, this is not about food. This is about passion. I am sure that Ramsay would have been a success if any other field. That’s because he makes damn good use of his enthusiasm and passion. And when you do that, people follow you, people listen to you, you’re in a better state of mind and accomplish things faster. Now, let’s take the King of Weird Enthusiasm, Steve Irwin!


Steve Irwin

steve irwin being passionate and holding a reptile

You probably know him from one of his numerous shows on Discovery or National Geographic. Steve has an absolutely awesome entrepreneurial spirit! This guy’s idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon was hunting reptiles on the banks of the Amazon. Not exactly the usual, commonly accepted idea of fun! But his tremendous passion helped him made it and he is now the most icon animal hunter who has ever lived. You can see his passion in the way he talks about animals, also using a bit of a sexual word portfolio (?), in his body language, in his never ending smile when holding a deadly snake which is biting his arm! His passion is best seen when watching one of his videos!

Now, remember, this isn’t about animals. This is about passion! Although Steve will tell you that his life’s mission is to save the wildlife, please take that with a grain of salt. If Steve was born in Brooklyn, he might have became Steve-Z, a famous passionate rapper, battling with the likes of Jay-z and Nas. Or if he was born in Paris, be might have became a world famous painter and change his name to Steve Dali, in honor of the great Salvador Dali.

In any case, whatever the field, you need to be passionate about the work, and passionate comes gradually, while you become better and better at your craft.
So make a note of watching the enthusiastic passionate masters such as Gordon and Steve and their passion will transpire into your work also!

I guarantee it!

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