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Owning the Internet and next #1 Spot on YouTube – PSY Gangam Style!

You don’t know about PSY?! He’s the most sought after artist at the moment. And guess what! He’s korean. So why do we all know him? Because of his hit song Gangam Style which now sits at 590 million views, and will probably become the #1 most viewed video of all time on YouTube. He got all those views in just a few short months. It’s crazy.

This guy is owning the Internet right now. He’s getting about 22.000 views each hour. If you haven’t got the chance to check out his genius hit, watch it below.

So why is this guy so famous? Why did he suddenly become one of the most well know artist in the world?
How can a local guy enjoy such massive worldwide success in such a short time?

Obviously, the Internet has something to do with it. Going viral is another factor.
But still, one can’t just explain in such a short manner his incredible success.

My best guess is this: PSY really deserves it! PSY is using his thoughts and energy in a creative fashion. And he’s really modest. I really didn’t know much about him before stumbling upon an interview with him, which he gave recently, while in Australia.
After that I started to do some research and found a great creator who isn’t just an over night success.
He knows how to use his vibration and is following all the laws of success.

  • He’s been at it for a long, long time (Patience)
  • He never stoped believing (Belief)
  • He switched it up from time to time, trying to always give to his audience what they want (Adapt to your market)
  • He’s unique, different, has massive personality (Make an impression on your market)

You’ll see that I’m talking about. He’s really simple, modest, and extremely grateful for what people all over the world gave to him.

A moment in time in which he owns the Internet.

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