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Mind Expansion through Comedy: Bill Hicks – Life is just a ride!


I love posting stuff about creators and leaders in their respective fields. I believe one cannot try to expand his mind without studying the people who have already done that.

Stand-up comedians are indeed people living on the edge of creation. Humor, or to be more precise, brilliantly done humor is the mark of great intelligence. One cannot be funny, tackling profund subjects like birth, death, religion, abortion or any tatoo subjects without being a very smart individual.

There are many great comedians out there, and I’ve made it my promise to talk about the George Carlins and the Katt Williamss and the Dylan Morans of the world on this blog. I believe comedy (properly done comedy) can set us free and help us solve our big problems. Heuristics and comedy is a great solution to life’s problems. All of the guys which I’ve mentioned above and many others which I’ve studied are powerful creators and have done more good for this world than many Nobel prize winners.

One of the most brilliant and most profund comedians that has ever lived is Bill Hicks.


This guy’s comedy wasn’t about black/white jokes, male/female jokes or any trivial subject. He liked to talk about profund subjects like religion and death and wars and politics. He talked about Corporate America, occult evil societies and many more life impacting topics.

Bill was a revolutionary ahead of his time, who died at a very young age, back in ’94, when he was only 33 years old. Mesianic some would say. In the clip which I’m going to present below, Bill talked at a macro level about life and how one should position himself in regards to his presence here on earth. I agree with his position, not because I’m a fanatic.

Not because I’ve seen enourmous evidence towards this position (altough I have). I believe in it because it’s a belief system which makes sense and helps me feel better than other belief systems which I’ve used in the past (christianity, animism, marxism, buddhism, atheist, etc.). Yes, I choose what I believe based on how it feels, because I believe we can make ourselves believe anything, and every belief system can be argued in favor of. The difference should be the answer to the question:

“How does this belief system make me feel? Does it make me more productive, more of a nice person?”

If the answer is no, I won’t believe and I won’t use it. If the answer is yes, I will choose consciously to believe it, and the world will of course bring me further proof to reinforce it, because that is how the world works. So first you must choose what to believe based on an intelligent choice and on intelligent questions, not what was told to you to believe when you were a child. Then the world will reinforce that which you want to believe.

In conclusion, be very careful with what you believe. Don’t believe anything at first, don’t even believe me or Bill Hicks. Just ask yourself the essential questions and find out for yourself if you want to apply the information which Bill is presenting below.

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  1. Awesome article! Thank you. Couldn’t agree more! The most telling proof of this is the David Letterman interview with Bill Hicks, mother. First time Letterman has every cut a performance from the show. And he was on 11 times prior. He seemed very sorry, admitted multiple times he regretted it, and thought about it a lot. In the last clip, part 3 of 3, “He was way ahead of his time”. Wow, that says it all. Comedians have a way of bringing out the truths that people don’t talk about. Carlins words are more current than ever, and I am SURE, Joe Rogans words will live long after he is gone.

    • Yap, all of the guys you’ve mentioned are awesome comedians. I must say that Carlin and Hicks share the top spot in my book! And yeah, I know about the Letterman show you’ve mentioned, it was a sad situation and Letterman regrets it to this day

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