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Internet Entrepreneur – Andrew Bachman’s Success Principles


Andrew Bachman is a an Internet Entrepreneur who struck gold when starting Tatto Media (an affiliate marketing company) back in 2006, in Boston, while still in college. Him and his three associates sold the company in 2011 for $60 million dollars. He also started scambook.com and other businesses, which all did well.

But the beginnings weren’t so great for Andrew. He talks about “throwing different ideas against the wall” and none of them really “sticking”. He started a bunch of businesses before Tatto Media, none of them successful.

Principle #1

Keep at it. Andrew kept going, not being discouraged by the fact that his businesses were failing. You can always try something new. You’re bound to get it right eventually, no matter how many failures you get along the way.


Principle #2

Be honest with yourself. Find your strong points and emphasize them, while at the same time joining forces with somebody who can cover for your weak points. Say you’re like Andrew, more of a salesman. Associate with a geeky/tech guy if you’re looking to get into technology.

Realize that you’re not capable of constructing a good businesses in the tech industry on your own, if you aren’t technically skilled. So Andrew talks about associating with this super-geek when he started Tatto Media, and actually “getting him laid for the first time” and doing “everything” he could to get this guy to start a company with him.

Remember, the business world is about personal interactions, usually on a personal level.


Principle #3

Confidence is key. People won’t invest in somebody who is unsure about what he is going to do. Nobody wants to associate with a newbie. We all want to ride alongside winners, and winners are confident. They walk differently. You can see it. Remember Denzel Washington’s walk?

Andrew talks about how winning in business made him much more appealing to all sorts of people wanting to invest with him in various ventures. He attributes that to the “confidence factor” which his track record gave him.

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