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Incredibly Strategical Interview On Money With Kevin O’Leary!

Kevin is a venture capitalist and old time investor. This interview is somewhat unusual to the style of interviews I’ve posted. It’s really, really fillied with useful information on trading, corporate vs state bonds, fx trading and sometimes high complexity finance stuff.

Nevertheless, if you listen close enough, I’m sure that you will get more value out of this one interview than out of 10 interviews talking about how you need to stay positive and overcome defeat. Sometimes we just need to get down and dirty, crunch the numbers and have a strategy.

That’s what O’Leary’s great at. Being a strategist. You’ll see him talking about his asset allocation (the 5/20 strategy) and also answering a key question. That question which was asked by the interviewer would be the exact same thing I would ask:

“How should a young entrepreneur go about reaching the highest level of success?”

O’Leary doesn’t shy away from a direct response. He advises entrepreneurs to go global, move into countries with emerging economies and high GDP rates like China, India or Brazil. I see more and more billionaires working with these countries and I’m sure we, the normal non-billionaire folks, can also get a cut of the action.

This is of course a personal dillema, as moving to another country is a very difficult choice. But maybe you can  go about this another way. Why not start thinking about a mandarin version of your website? Maybe start exporting into China? Calling your embassy in China and trying to get into that economy? Or any of the economies mentioned above or even others like New Zeeland, Australia, etc.

This is the first “hardcore” interview which I’ve seen from Kevin and hopefully not the last, as now I’m beginning to see why this guy has all the billions.

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