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Free Pringles! Tony Robbins on how tiny changes make huge results!

This is one of Tony’s older videos, but it still applies incredibly well to people searching for perfection or for people grinding towards their goal, and feeling momentary defeat or momentary redundancy.

Information is NOT power, applied information is Power!

The things that Tony talks about within this video are of great value. Their like Pringles or Raffaello for your life! But Pringles doesn’t work if you don’t eat it. You’ve got to eat (internalise) the information that Tony gives you, apply it in your life.

That’s the only way to get to most out of it, if you’ll only listen passively the Gods of Success (Loki) will play tricks with your life and set fire to your dog’s house. Please apply this information right here.

For those of you who don’t know, Tony is like a modern day Siddhartha Gautama of Success and Personal Development!



I just came across an example of exactly what I was trying to convey with this article when I said that applied information is power.

I’m gonna share a story from a great article written over at www.smartpassiveincome.com, a great marketing blog. If you want the full article, here’s the link, if not, just read this story:

Shopkeep is a little Internet startup that caters to local businesses looking for a simpler way to handle payments than a cash register and complicated sales systems.

For two years, the development team worked to build a solution that would make handling money easy for people who ran bakeries, coffee shops, corner stores, and other retail shops. And they created a great solution! Anyone who wanted to use their service could run their program from a Mac or PC to handle any kind of sale, and it was all managed and stored in the cloud.

But when Amy, one of the founders, described the early days to me, her words were, “We were doing ok, signing up a modest amount of customers…”

“Ok” and “modest” aren’t exactly words you’d use to describe a home run, right? But they had a great service, so what was wrong?

Talking to one their customers—a coffee shop owner—they learned that what was really needed was something even smaller and even simpler. The answer, to them, was obvious—an iPad app. Simple, completely portable. And creating it would be easy because the hard work was already done.


A month later they released it and the numbers started rapidly improving. Just a few months ago, they were given $2 million in financing to expand. When you put the numbers together, that makes Shopkeep about a $10 million company.

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Just a shift in the focus of the company made it explode.

Is there something in your business or life which could use such a shift?

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