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Follow Success, Internet Entrepreneur Series: Gary Vaynerchuk

Success leaves trails

That’s one of the best quotes ever. It’s kinda good for those times you feel defeated to know that you always have access to those trails. You can always enter a motivational site, read a good book, watch some great seminars from Tony Robbins or any other of the pleiade of great speakers out there to get you to see those trails quicker.

Now, in order to find those trails, the best thing for you is to watch the people who already have achieved success, study them, emulate them, not in a idol-like relationship (I don’t believe in idols), but in an intelligently fashioned way.

Here’s one great Internet guy, with a lot of dough in the bank and a lot of passion in his life. Surely worth checking him out.(I know I shouldn’t put his site first before I talk about him, but does it look like I give a donkey’s ass about blogging rules?)

Who’s this Gary Vaynerchuk guy?


I’ll give you the rundown, real quick. Starts Wine Library, sells millions upon millions worth of product (wine to be more exact), gets bored, realises that he needs more, he wants more, he rushes to achieve more.
Starts Wine Library TV, receives a gazzilion views with his show, does more than 1000 episodes. Starts doing public speaking, motivating entrepreneurs, doing great stuff, writes two books on business knowledge.

Do please realise that I’ve just condensed about 15 years in a few paragraphs! The thing is you’re supposed to know who this guy is because his advice is really pertinent. One of the main things he advocates is:

Do what you love!

I’ve personally found this to be of paramount importance. I’ve sold two companies thus far, because of my belief in this profund principle. I sold them despite the fact that they were making a lot of money. I did it because, after analysing myself, I found that I wasn’t loving my daily routine. I wasn’t in love with my businesses, and haven’t been so since the beginning of those particular businesses.

So, whatever your niche, whatever your particular business, make sure that your daily routine is something you love. That’s because, in the long run, if you lack that passion, the money will fade, and your business will go down. So, considering that, you can easily do any activity that you want, not make money, but at least love your daily routine!

Either way, you have to go towards a happy, valuable daily routine!

Check out one of Gary’s awesome talks, it’s just a must-watch
[otherwise the Gods of Success (Thor) will hammer your business down faster than a nail in a construction site]:


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