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Could This Be The Ultimate Success Secret?



Some of you might be going to the gym. Some might not. But I think that, for those of you who are, you surely have seen a big similarity between your job and the gym. I’ve already¬† talked about gym and entrepreneurship here, but unlike what I’ve said there, this applies in all cases, whether you’re working for somebody else or working for yourself.

That similarity lays in the fact that both are things you must do in order to achieve something wanted. You go to the gym to be healthier, look better, be more fit. You go to your job or you work on your business to get richer and feel more fulfilled. These targets are noble and are obviously very important for you.

As such, you should aim to accomplish them as fast as possible, with the least amount of effort. That’s the smart way to go about this.

So basically success means accomplishing what you desire, doing it fast and in the easiest manner possible.

The fastest, easiest way?

fastest easiest way

Yes indeed. That’s what we’re aiming at. And the process by which you apply “the fastest, easiest way” principle is really simple. But it’s somewhat antagonistic to what you might think.

The paradigm “fastest, easiest” is actually a form of verbal and conceptual redundancy, as both mean the same thing in my book. Both have to do with time. Think about it. What does easiest mean? Is it about effort? Somewhat.

But what would you rather preferrer:

  • Doing easy work on something for 10 years and then reaching the target?
  • Doing hard work on something for 1 year and then reaching the target?

I don’t know about you, but I just won’t live long enough to be able to go for the first option. And trust me, neither will you.

So both are about time.


Time compression and other cuantic stuff

time compression

So obviously what we need to do is get more things accomplished during a shorter period of time. We need to compress time.
There are many ways to go about this time compression stuff. We could:

  • delegate
  • set up franchises
  • work overtime
  • wake up earlier
  • have an associate or manager
  • have a friend who shares your vision help you out
  • ask a collegue to take some of your workload
  • develop routines that optimize your work
  • buy software which helps you move faster
  • buy a quicker mouse
  • develop personal shortcuts
  • do multiple things at once
  • keep a tight schedule, waste no time
  • have a to-do list

and many, many more.


I’m not here to talk about those

shut up

I think that even though they are all great topics and I will probably expand on them in future articles as I have done in the past, they’re all just outcomes born out of an underlying key element!

That underlying secret is where all of the outward manifestations come from. It’s your place of power, your personal place of unstoppableness.


That’s Self-Motivation. It’s the Holy Grail of Success.


All you need is self-motivation. The entire list which I’ve compiled about things which will enable you to achieve success in a timely fashion is born out of self-motivation.
Once you’re working from a self-motivated place, you’ll be able to come up with many more ideas, some much more easier to apply than those.


Self-motivation is about not needing anyone to push you forward. It’s about you pushing yourself, constantly trying to improve, constantly staying sharp and ready to go.
Self-motivation comes from within and is born out of your powerful desire for evolution and achievement. It is born out of your desire for your goals. So if you haven’t got any goals to push towards, you’ll have no self-motivation.

So goals are a must, and you should have a daily routine during which you envision your goals. That will help your self-motivation process.

“Born alone, die alone.” Somewhat cynical, but true. Just make a conscious decision to be independent and not need anyone else to motivate you.

You don’t need a coach. You don’t need your father. Not your spouse. Not your boss. Not your mentor. Not your guru.

Step 1

You can develop your own motivation rutines by browsing the net, looking at videos reviews of cars you want, looking at future clothes you’ll be able to afford, looking at future beach properties you’ll own.

Step 2

Once you are self-motivated, actually put things into motion, don’t get caught up in the self-motivation step. You need to move forward. The first step is just a tool to get you wanting to do stuff. Then you need to do stuff!

Step 3

The last step is to keep the self-motivation going and change the way in which you work if you’re receiving negative feedback!

When you’re feeling tired, take a break and start your self-motivation routine again.

When you’re feeling defeated and out of ideas as to how to attain your goal, take a break and ask yourself this question:
“What is this negative feedback trying to tell me about my work process? What needs to change in order for me to reach my target?”


Will you be able to motivate yourself past your procrastination point, past your laziness and habitual actions and into having the targets, the goals, the happiness and the fulfilment from your wildest dreams?

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Blogger. I founded and sold multiple companies, both online and offline, before turning 20.


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