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experience teaches

There’s a big danger lurking around in the motivational/personal development industry. There’s a not-too-talked about disease which plagues entrepreneurs on their path to success. A monster which can eat up your potential, all the while¬†falsely making you think you’re growing and achieving things. It’s called over motivation. It’s when you’re addicted to reading self-help books or blogs, addicted to watching motivational videos all day long, addicted to listening to your life coach. Five hours a day, several days in a row. The problem with this is that you feel like you’re growing. You’re duped into thinking you’re becoming a better person. You’re not. You’re probably wasting valuable time. Time which could be used to actually do things. Don’t get me wrong. A certain amount of daily motivation is very useful to get you pumped up for work. To start the engine. But don’t forget this very simple aspect:

top 12 ways to fly into space

Flying was mankind’s ultimate dream for millennia. For the past century, we’ve been perfecting this “unrealistic dream”. It’s incredible to think how far a monkey with a big brain (e.g. humanity) has come. We’re now able to fly like the birds. Not only that, we can go in outer space, beating the birds at their own game. And it’s all thanks to our intelligence and self-belief.
If we didn’t think we could do it, we never would have! I’ve posted this Will Smith quote in an earlier article, but it just fits so perfectly here. Here it is again:

It’s unrealistic to think you’re going to bend a piece of metal and fly people over an ocean in that metal. That’s unrealistic. But fortunately, the Wright Brothers and others didn’t… didn’t believe that!”

Yes Will you’re right. And we’ve come a long way since the Wright Brothers. Believing in ourselves brought us closer to the Sun. Being unrealistic changed reality! And ever since we’ve touched the clouds, we’ve be creating more and more complex ways of soaring. Here’s the TOP 12 ways to fly, shown to you from the point of view of the people (and animals) doing the flying! Remember, we are all the same. The people in these videos are exactly like you. Maybe with just a pinch more of self-belief, but that’s easily attainable. Watch in fullscreen, and then try to be negative about your true potential! Try and tell me there’s something you can’t accomplish!


If you’re into self-development, if you’re an entrepreneur, an optimist or even just the proud owner of those biological hearing devices called ears, you must have heard the saying “Thoughts Create Things” numerous times. I’m pretty sick of it myself. I’m sick of it to the point I’ve actually unsubscribed from Mike Dooley’s Notes from the Universe newsletter. I’m sick of it, to the point I can’t show The Secret to one more person (after watching it about 1587 times) without feeling I’m about to puke. That’s also partly because of the constant idiotic reactions I get from people who first hear about the concept known as “the law of attraction”. Napoleon Hill must be turning in his grave.

But this article is not about the law of attraction or positive thinking. Don’t get me wrong, I resonate and believe in almost everything that concept stands for. I believe in the ideas presented in the The Secret. But I’m not going to talk about it. Nor am I going to talk about Christian, Hebrew or Islamic belief systems. This is not an article about religion.

I’m going to talk about your inner thoughts and your most inner beliefs. I’m going to talk about how you should decide what you believe in this life. I’m going to show you how important it is to choose your beliefs. How to choose your thoughts and create your own, personal, subjective and hugely beneficial belief system. The things you believe and the ideas you have about the world really shape your… well… world. Read on.


There’s a brilliant question I kept asking myself back in the day. I truly didn’t know what approach I should take. I kept on wondering if those rich bastards I saw on the Forbes list were simply lucky. Could wealth be the result of uncontrollable variables such as birthplace, family heritage, the state of the economy or genetic makeup? Or maybe those guys had some sort of esoteric, secret knowledge which I didn’t have access to. Some occult secret. I decided I had to find out. I tried a lot of stuff. A lot of get rick quick schemes. I researched the entire “make money online” niche.

I tried Poker and I failed. I tried affiliate marketing and I failed. I tried PPC websites and failed. I tried creating an e-commerce site and I … well, you get the picture. There was a lot of failing going on.

Now, let’s get something right, straight from the get-go. I don’t consider myself a rich individual by any measure. I haven’t reached any sort of socially accepted wealth level. But I know I’m entitled to write this article, simply because compared to my surrounding circumstances, I enjoy a level of comfort. I can afford almost anything I want. I can stop working at any time and my income will not suffer and I have a number of people who can invest in my ideas (time & money), simply because I’ve helped them and delivered on my wild promises. (BTW, I consider that to be way more valuable long-term than any other asset class). I’m 23, no boss, never had a real job and consequently I make my own schedule.

I’m writing this because I can tell you exactly how you can enjoy the same freedom. It’s a two-step process. First there’s imagination and then there’s guilt. Read on.


Here’s a question every entrepreneur and businessman out there should ask. I know that sex might be a taboo topic and this is a business/motivational blog, but believe me, this topic ties in with business immensely. So considering I sometimes deal with unusual topics such as the fear of death, I think I should also tackle sex drive and the equilibrium needed to control your sexual nature.

Now, this is a very important question to answer if you are one who wants to dominate other people, be a good negotiator or a good entrepreneur. In fact, if you want to create almost anything in life (music, paintings, dancing, writing or anything else involving a creative process), it’s crucial to first learn how to dominate your inner force. In ancient times, this was also known as controlling the serpent. I’m not going to go into ancient symbolism and esoterism. I’m not going to talk about Kundalini or any of the other stuff I know for a fact to be true.
Suffice to say, this topic of sexual control is present in the book of Genesis and all the other major religious texts of humankind. And now I’m going to break it down in simple, easy to follow steps. Hold on to your pants, this is a big topic. Let’s get going.