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Arguably, more artists have the business acumen Andy Warhol displayed than we tend to give them credit for. For some reason, the money- and success-oriented people of today tend to scoff at painters, writers, composers and their ilk as “bohemians.” What we really mean by that is “bums,” and we point at the relativity of their value to society, as proof.

If, when you hear the word “artist,” your mind flashes to Van Gogh, to squalor and a tentative livelihood, this post might change your mind. Because history shows us differently and, by listening in to some of the genius creators recorded in its annals, you’ll agree we could all learn a thing of two about pushing through until the goal is achieved. Be it a tableau, a novel or a business venture – in some ways, these items of longing dovetail, just as the psychological makeups of their initiators do.

It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things. ― Leonardo da Vinci


We’ve all felt at one time or another that the odds were stacked against us, but there’s a case to be made for using that hopelessness to fuel your next move. Some of the best thinkers and doers who’ve ever walked the earth have succeeded in their endeavors through sheer willpower, safe in the knowledge that laying down in the face of adversity is not an option. Here are a few bits of wisdom from those we look up to for their history-making perseverance:

In a recent episode of Trophy Wife, one of the newer comedies on TV, the Sad Steve character delivered a line that inspired this post: “Word of mouth is our bread and butter” he said, trying to come up with a workable, believable slogan for an imaginary bagel business. This put us in mind of all the other instances TV scriptwriters have shared some insights from the dog-eat-dog world of American businesses. Couched in wordplay, these sound bites of wisdom go down like honey from killer bees:

“I just taught you the most important thing I know. You never ever trust anyone. Until you know their angle. And now you know.” (Marty Kaan, House of Lies)

If you need some words of wisdom or thoughts to inspire you, here’s our pick for 2014! It’s the beginning of a new exciting adventure and our monthly motivational quotes will set your mind for success! Click on the gallery below for more:

Only 4 days left of 2013 and a lot of resolutions to make for the next year, right? Instead of thinking about what 2013 brought, good or bad, let’s focus on the future and think about what we can do better in 2014. The end is always a new beginning, if you switch perspectives! So, keep that in mind when you read the lines below.

As in the lines below, you can find timeless words of wisdom from successful entrepreneurs, business gurus and plain billionaires to inspire and guide you in 2014. Read ahead, plan your success and start acting it!