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Seth is a multimillionaire Internet entrepreneur, published author and futurist. If you want to read more about one of his sites (one of the most visited sites in the world), I wrote a quick tips for squidoo article a while back.
Below is one of the most simple and rewarding, yet hard to apply principles in business.
Fail until you succeed. Always reinvent!

Wayne-Dyer the shift

A great documentary/movie from Wayne Dyer. If you don’t know who this is, I’ve already written about Wayne Dyer here!

This documentary is made in a theatrical way, analyzing the life of a few families and the challenges they face when they attempt to have a meaning in their lives and get out of the material rat race. The actors are all great, and Wayne delivers real mind expansion material here!

lions and zebras

Or a better title would be:

How to be more like Nas. Don’t worry, it will make sense in the end.

Yeah, we all know success leaves trailes. For those in the hunt, these trails are golden. It’s what keeps us motivated, keeps us pushing forward. We need them, without them, what would happen to our aspirations?

So how should we react to these trails when we come across them?


You probably know about Mashable. It’s one of the most successful blogs on the Internet, with 60 employees and all the new social news and tech gadgets. It’s read by more than 25 million people each month.

A long way from Pete’s bedroom, back in his parents house in Scotland. But rewind 7 years and Pete Cashmore was just a 19 years old kid with a dream to make it big. He kept at it, wrote ‘8-10 articles each day’ and now he’s in the big league, with offices in many US cities, including New York!

But enough information from me, let’s hear the story straight from Pete!